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Sewpercoat In Redcliffe, Redland Bay, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast

We offer dry mortar solutions that are precisely engineered for effective protection of your sewage system infrastructure that is exposed to extreme biogenic acid corrosion! Being a skilled and experienced service provider, we are noted for offering high mechanical resistance that can be achieved at a very early stage with excellent resistance to abrasion.  

Sewpercoat Solution across Redcliffe, Redland Bay, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast to Protect your Sewer System

Our designed protective coating solutions are made of 100% calcium aluminate content and creates an effective barrier against deadly bacteria such as Thiobacillus, preventing them from working on the internal structure to produce sulphuric acid that gradually decays the composition. With our services rest assured that your structure will be safe from even the most aggressive wastewater environments. We are the sole distributor of world-class water and wastewater application system that is available at a very cost-effective rate.  

Whether you need a durable coating solution to repair a corroded structure or use a formidable sewpercoat formula to protect the structure from future damages in the long-term, we are here to offer the finest solutions to keep them safe from corrosion as well as offering durable protection to infrastructure with active operational features.

What makes our Sewpercoat Service Standout in Redcliffe, Redland Bay, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast?

We use the best techniques and strategies that are industry proven to use our solution including low-pressure wet spraying, high-pressure dry spraying, centrifugation or rotating spray head.


Our services guarantee:  

  • Provides resistance against biogenic corrosion

  • Adheres greatly under damp concrete surfaces

  • Offers resistance against high abrasion

  • Suitable for live sewer environment

  • Restores the internal structural integrity

  • Very cost-effective in the long run

Keep all Kinds of Sewer System Protected Effectively

You can use our sewpercoat services available across Redcliffe, Redland Bay, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast to protect all kinds of sewage infrastructures including manholes, large collector ducts, pumping stations, iron pipes and other concrete infrastructure in wastewater treatment plants. Having more than 20 years of researches and references that confirm exceptional durability, our services are the best solutions you can find for any severe conditions. 

So, think no further and contact us Sun Coast Sand Blasting today for the best results!  

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